16 april 2015

Supping in Groningen

 Stand up paddle surfers, or 'SUPPERS', in the canals of Groningen this afternoon.

A bit tired? Cold feet? Or maybe he just stopped to enjoy the Spring sun..

6 opmerkingen:

  1. It has caught on here as well, though it'll be awhile before we see them on the water.

  2. Leuke foto's. Het was zelfs op het journaal gisteren te zien bij de weerman. Hij waarschuwde dat het water nog erg koud was en ze er niet moesten afvallen want dan zouden ze onderkoeld raken.

  3. Your city is wonderful - you can do this in middle of the city.
    Lovely images.

  4. This sport is so popular here on my Mornington Peninsula. People keep close to beaches and paddle the fringe of Port Phillip Bay. There are even businesses that wait by the beaches with boards for hire.


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