17 april 2015

Museum island

I'm standing on a footbridge here with the Groninger Museum on my right. The museum buildings are located on an island that connects the Central Station with the city centre. As you can see it's a colourful area, with a bright blue concrete walkway and blue fences. The photo with the stand up paddlers that I showed you yesterday was also taken from this spot, looking over the water to my right.

I'm linking to Good Fences.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Marleen, This is a great shot for Good Fences. Hope you enjoy the weekend.

  2. Het blijft een bijzonder gebouw, zelfs voor nederland.

  3. that's a great one for color and fences! thanks for joining in! :)

  4. Very wonderful view to the museum.
    And I can see you have lovely weather.

  5. A very neat fence and I like that view of the museum. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for the share.

  6. Neat! I didn't know you have a Museum Island as well! :)


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