14 november 2015

Lunch view

This is the view through the window that I had during lunch on the third floor of V&D Department Store in the city of Zwolle today.

My thoughts are with the people in Paris, and those who lost a loved one in the attacks of yesterday.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. The Parisians are on the minds of us all.

  2. Looks like the dollhouses.

    Paris has a great grief, and they all are in our thoughts.

  3. Always good to have a view, indeed everyone is concerned and thinks about the Paris drama.


  4. A wonderful view. What's happened in Paris is unbelievable. :(

  5. Geen blaadje meer aan de boom, dat geeft een mooi uitzicht. Parijs blijft maar in mijn gedachten....


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