10 november 2015


Our Autumn weather has been unusually warm so far, days and nights. But of course it's November and trees are rapidly loosing their leaves now, as the birches on the photo show. The picture is from last Sunday and was taken in a nearby nature area called Molenveld. We come here often for a walk in the forest or along the heather fields.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachitge foto. Je voelt de herfst.


  2. The weather is just like we have, but we have also raining. Just real November weather. But I don't care.
    Your photo is beautiful though there are no colors any more..

  3. A pretty spot, even in the mist. Most of our leaves are down now.

  4. Birches are lovely with and without leaves, in my opinion. Lovely.

  5. Love the naked trees. It's a beautiful scene.


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