16 november 2015

Sassenpoort (2)

The gate, built in 1406 as I mentioned yesterday, had to be wide enough for carts and carriages to stand underneath. Then all would be examined thoroughly by guards before they were allowed to enter the city. The Sassen Gate was a so-called 'inner gate', so everybody was 'checked' at an outer gate gate first as well.
In the 17th century the Sassen Gate became a prison.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Dat is heel indrukwekkend, doet me een beetje denken aan Amersfoort.


  2. Maybe we need to return to using such gates.

  3. It really is an impressive place. The arch particularly appeals to me.

  4. Very impressive, a lot of history in these old gates. Thank you for sharing, great photo!

  5. Daar kwam je niet even doorheen als hij gesloten was, mooie onderdoorgang.

  6. We may be going back to the system of thorough checks again. History does repeat itself, eh?


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