24 december 2016


The 24-December edition of our local newspaper traditionally includes the 'Dr. Denker Kerstpuzzel' ('Dr Thinker Christmas Puzzle'). And it is a real brainteaser! 40 squares with a small drawing or a few letters and/or numbers. Some seem easy to solve but a lot are way (for me anyway haha) too cryptic.  It's the kind of word game that gets into your head, as many times you feel that you are SO close to finding an answer but it just doesn't happen..
This year's theme is 'Dr. Denker goes wild': all answers have something to do with east Africa and/or the animals living there. Wish me luck! ;))

5 opmerkingen:

  1. 'Dr. Denker Kerstpuzzel' is new to me...thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas.

  2. Ik ben gek op die hersenkraker puzzles. Veel succes ermee!

  3. One or two of the papers here do something similar this time of year.

  4. Good luck with the puzzle. My grandmother used to love doing crossword puzzles that were in the local newspapers. I'm not good at them but my daughter is.

    Merry Christmas Marleen.

  5. Good that you have a little extra time to complete it. :-)


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