18 december 2016

Musee Promenade

'Musee Promenade' was part of an outdoor art project along the Belgium coast in the Summer of 2015. The exhibition took on a variety of shapes, such as drawings on the beach, architectural installations, and signs in street scenes.
This somewhat Greek-like design was near the North Sea in 'Het Zwin Nature Park', and close to the Running Hare sculpture I showed you earlier. (see HERE)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Very creative and interesting. I'd guess it took a lot of time to complete this art piece!

  2. Cool and creative! You got to love all those people who can envision something like this and then go out and do it.

  3. ...it would be nice to see it from above.

  4. Reacties
    1. It seemed just the end of a cycling path. I don't know if it had any other purpose in the past, it probably did.


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