2 december 2016

Ice rink

The ice rink at the Bruges central market square opened in the week we were there.

 In the evening there seemed to be a ghost on skates..can you spot it?  ;)

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Het spook heeft wel een aardig tempo. Leuk.

  2. Als er geen ijs is, maken we het wel tegenwoordig, ziet er gezellig uit.

  3. ...I'm afraid that me skating days are over.

  4. Gosh what a fab background to the skate rink Marleen. Bruges has fantastic architecture!

  5. It's looking like a winter wonderland. A very nice city scene.

  6. Quick motion like that can leave a ghostly effect on photos.

    This rink looks to be about the size of the one outside our City Hall.

  7. Wonderful.
    We have not yet opened a skating areas (curious thing, even though we live in the north :).
    Did you skate by yourself?

    1. No I haven't been on skates for many years, I have never been very good at it :)


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