26 december 2016

Tweede Kerstdag

December 26 is celebrated here as ´Tweede Kerstdag´ or 'Second Christmas day´, though it's less 'official' as December 25. Many people go out today, either to enjoy a walk and get some fresh air or maybe visit one of the many shopping malls that are opened. Others just stay inside and relax.
We just arrived home from a 12 km walk in windy though sunny weather. Nice! :)

On the photo -taken last evening- is the Christmas crib underneath our Christmas tree.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice! A beautiful looking Nativity scene. Your walk sounds wonderful and refreshing!

  2. Here they hit our D.C. museums. That where I was today.

  3. That was good exercise for you!

    Here it was Boxing Day.

  4. Looks pretty and much nicer than many of those I have seen around here.


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