22 december 2016

Where and what?

The facade of this house in Bruges tells passers-by what can be found where..  On the top floor BEDROOM and PING-PONG, then one floor down to the STUDY and BATHROOM + DRESSING, down again to the KITCHEN and LIVING ROOM, and finally the BASEMENT...

12 opmerkingen:

  1. LOL This is someone having fun... right?

  2. Vraag me af wat de verbindingslijnen te betekenen hebben.

  3. Very funny house =D. Have a merry christmas!

  4. mysterieus..

    geen idee war dit in Brugge kan zijn

    prettige avond

    1. Dag Willy, ik weet de straat helaas niet meer maar volgens mij niet ver van de grote markt.

  5. That's different, at least you won't get lost :)

  6. I'm wondering why anyone would care ... unless this is a public building of some kind. :)


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