30 december 2014


Even though this Chevrolet pickup has an unattractive rust colour and has some dents here and there, it is a vehicle you don't see every day! I noticed it standing in front of our house a few days ago, with the driver trying all he could for a long while before he went on his way again.
And what do you do when you know less than nothing at all about cars? Yes, stay inside and take a photo..
Note the two 'outdoor' seats in the back!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Ijzersterk en nog met een hamer en een schroevendraaier aan de gang te krijgen.

  2. Oh, very nice picture and car! Happy new year to you!

  3. Ha,ha, de onderwerpen stoppen voor je deur, die twee buitenstoelen lijken me eel wat.

  4. I would have been like you too and stayed inside! :)
    Nice photo in any case.

  5. Wow! This truck has more miles on it than me.

  6. It can not be true! Such a truck, and even in the present time. Lovely.
    I hope you did'n have to sit at home (and in window) very long time.. hi

  7. It could use a bit of tender care, but it's quite a truck!


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