5 december 2014

De Rode Pannen prison

During our visit to the National Prison Museum in Veenhuizen we joined a guided tour in cell block building 'De Rode Pannen' ('The Red Tiles'), a convict prison built in 1939-1940. De Rode Pannen has 46 cells, and was used until 2008 for those prisoners who were extremely agressive and hard to handle. With specially trained warders and a special approach it was tried to 're-educate' these men. A stay for about 3 to 4 weeks was usually enough to change their behaviour.
Since 2012 the Prison Museum is allowed to organise tours inside this building. It is however still 'ready for use'.

Taken from the same spot as the first photo, but now looking up to the (partly) glass ceiling, and one of the cell doors on the right.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Moet zeggen dat ik het bezoek aan veenhuizen en speciaal hier toch wel een deprimerende ervaring vond.

    1. Maar behalve dat toch ook indrukwekkend. Het is een plek waar je nooit van je leven terecht wil komen.

  2. Sad to think there was no better way to deal with violent offenders.

  3. Ik vond het hier zo akelig, ik kan er niet tegen die gevangenissen en martelwerktuigen in dat andere museum te zien. Ik wilde er zo snel mogelijk weer weg .

  4. Like you took your pictures in black and white.


  5. Very stark inside, but entirely appropriate.

  6. It must have been a really interesting tour!


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