4 december 2014

Prison Museum Veenhuizen

Last Sunday we visited the National Prison Museum in Veenhuizen. This village in the province of Drenthe was and is known for the prison complexes, of which one is still in use. The other one, named ´complex no. 2´ that you see on the photo, is now the National Prison Museum. From the 19th century the Department of Justice used it as a penal colony, so it was not an ´ordinary´ prison.

Veenhuizen used to be closed off to everyone but the inmates, and the staff and their families who lived in houses provided by the department. Since 1984 the village is freely accessible for all, which in fact doesn´t really seem that long ago..

5 opmerkingen:

  1. It looks pretty for a prison. I'd be interested to visit it.

  2. A bit strange. There is a museum space set aside in what was once a city jail here in the 19th century. It feels a bit spooky in there.


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