21 december 2014


Wondering about the meaning of the 'W' on the fence, we were told that this tree was planted in 1898 when Princess Wilhelmina (the grandmother of our former Queen Beatrix) became Queen of the Netherlands at the age of 18. Since then it is a tradition in our country to plant a tree at important events in the lives of the Dutch Royal Family. The most recent occasion was on 30 April 2013 with the abdication of Queen Beatrix in favour of her eldest son Prince Willem-Alexander.
So this tree is at least 116 years old! I took this photo a few weeks ago in the village of Veenhuizen.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Je kan wel zien dat hij oud is, al die vreemde groeisels aan de onderkant.

  2. This tree will outlive a few generations of the Royal Family.

  3. A beautiful tree. My aunt's name is Wilhelmina. She was born during the war, and at the time my grandparents had to get special permission to name her that.

    1. That is an amazing thing to hear, William. And I never knew permission was needed in those days for this..


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