6 december 2014

From the archives #43

Finland (2010)
The first time we crossed the Arctic Circle was in 1995, near the village of Jokkmokk in Sweden on our way to the North Cape. For me it was a special moment that I had looked forward to; I was finally getting to a region that had been on my 'places to see-list' for soooo long.
Since then we crossed that 'magical' latitude many times, but it will always be special in a way. As it was for this group of tourists on that day in August 2010; holding a glass of champagne they were ready to cross the Arctic Circle just north of Rovaniemi, Finland.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I feel like I cross that line every time I have to go out my front door to shovel snow. :-)

  2. Dat was leuk dat ze er een ceremonie van maakten. Wij zijn er in Rovaniemi zo overheen gestapt, maar ik vond het wel een magische stap, je komt er niet zo gauw weer.

  3. in the Arctic Circle there is now snow… (never been there)
    Nice photo.

  4. I may have to put this on my bucket list now! Sounds like fun.

  5. I've never crossed it, but I'd love to do so at least once.


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