18 maart 2018

School building

'Ubbo Emmius' is a local comprehensive school with over 3,000 students and 8 different locations. The building on the photo is at the Stationslaan in Stadskanaal.

16 maart 2018

14 maart 2018


Walking in the Hondsrug area near the villages of Odoorn and Exloo. Signs explain that it's free to walk here though people are warned to keep a safe distance to cattle.

11 maart 2018

Tour of Drenthe

The Tour of Drenthe (Ronde van Drenthe in Dutch) is an elite men's and women's professional road bicycle event held each year in the province of Drenthe. We saw the men this morning, halfway the villages of Odoorn and Exloo, speeding over a cobbled road.

The Tour of Drenthe has been held since 1960, and was won by a non-Dutchman 7 times. Only in 2001 the race was cancelled due to foot-and-mouth disease.

And when the bikes were gone, lots and lots of support cars followed..

10 maart 2018

Spring is near

From icy weather last week to Spring temperatures now. Things can change quickly :) This photo is from our garden earlier today.

Happy weekend!

9 maart 2018

Buinen-Schoonoord canal

One more photo taken along the Buinen-Schoonoord canal, with on the left the path we took. There was still some ice on the water last Sunday.

7 maart 2018


The Buinen-Schoonoord canal was being dredged and cleared of things that don't belong in the water.

5 maart 2018


We saw some impressive icicles yesterday when we passed this lock in the Buinen-Schoonoord canal near Borger. I don't know if the water was all frozen last week, it was running fast again when we were there.

They were formed in a rib-like shape. A remarkable view.

4 maart 2018

On the ice

From today temperatures will rise above freezing point, and this will stay the same the coming week, so anybody who wants to skate this Winter, it's pretty much now or never. 

These photos were taken at the ice rink in Borger around noon today.

3 maart 2018

The American Dream in Assen

The current major exhibition at the Drents Museum is Assen is "The American Dream", about American Realism in the years 1945-1965. This painting called "Morning Sun" from 1952 by Edward Hopper (1882-1967) is on the cover of the exposition's information leaflet. The model is Hopper's wife Josephine, bathed in the morning light, sitting on her bed gazing out at the city. It is one of Hopper's most famous paintings.

This piece from 1963 by Andy Warhol (1928-1987) pictures Ethel Scull. She and her husband Robert Scull were American art collectors. Ethel was also the subject of Warhol's "Ethel Scull 36 Times", a large work depicting Scull in 36 different poses.

The exhibition can be seen until the end of May.

28 februari 2018

Safety first

Even though March is on the doorstep it is very cold here -for our standards anyway-; this morning at 11 a.m. it was still -8°C (18°F) and feeling much colder due to strong winds coming from the east. Brrrr! In the meantime this vehicle is busy mowing the sides of the railroad track as a preparation for the new season of the STAR steamtrain.

Zooming in I noticed the yellow sticker on the side saying: "Zie je mij, zie ik jou" or "When you see me, I see you". A text that can be seen frequently in traffic, like on long trucks. Safety first!

I'm linking to signs, signs.

25 februari 2018


The blackbird is commonly seen here throughout the year. During cold winter days they love to eat some oatmeal that we put in the bird feeder house for them.

24 februari 2018

Gasselte church

The Protestant church in Gasselte, known as 'het witte kerkje' or the 'little white church'. The building dates from the 14th century.

With more than a hundred graves the cemetery is one of the larger ones in the region.

18 februari 2018

Cold morning

Lots of sun today after a cold start this morning. Photo taken around 10:30 am when the grasses in the shade were still frozen white.

17 februari 2018

Us Mem mural

This mural at the Oostergoweg in Leeuwarden pictures the cow that in Frisian language is called 'Us Mem'. It is named after the perfect pedigree cow, which is a breed of dairy cattle that originated in the North Sea coast regions of northern Germany and the Netherlands. The mural also pictures the city's sustainable ambitions, like placing windmills for renewable energy.

The mural was painted by Klaas Lageweg in 2010. He is an artist from Groningen city, of whom a while ago I posted another large mural picturing a pigeon pulling a milk cart.

14 februari 2018

Optician's building

"If you have to live in a crowd, you don't have to look like it" is the slogan of Post & Everaarts optician in the old centre of Leeuwarden. Isn't it a beautiful building?

11 februari 2018

Oldehove church tower

The Oldehove is an unfinished church tower in the old city of Leeuwarden. During construction -around the year of 1530- the tower began to sag and the project was stopped. In 1595 the then derelict church was demolished, but the brick tower remains. Today it leans more than the tower of Pisa in Italy!

The Oldehove is listed as national heritage. And pictured on manhole covers throughout the city..
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