11 maart 2018

Tour of Drenthe

The Tour of Drenthe (Ronde van Drenthe in Dutch) is an elite men's and women's professional road bicycle event held each year in the province of Drenthe. We saw the men this morning, halfway the villages of Odoorn and Exloo, speeding over a cobbled road.

The Tour of Drenthe has been held since 1960, and was won by a non-Dutchman 7 times. Only in 2001 the race was cancelled due to foot-and-mouth disease.

And when the bikes were gone, lots and lots of support cars followed..

14 opmerkingen:

  1. The photo of the bikers was superb...so well composed; it just grabs the eye and the eye follows to the end of the line and beyond. What a place to ride! And all those support cars are indeed necessary as bike parts fail on a regular basis and bikers fall and get sick or just can't go on. Great post. And I love your new header! It's a Wow!

  2. wat een pak renners Marleen...

    als ik naar de weg kijk, dacht ik aan Paris-Roubaix

    fijne zondagavond

  3. Seeing so many cyclist riding single file is a impressive sight.

  4. That is definitely a lot of cyclists. A well composed shot Marleen.

  5. Dat is een hele drukte op zo'm landweggetje. Ik zie dat iedereen liever over het gras fietst dan over de hobbelstenen :)

  6. Patience, and lots of it required to cycle along this part of the Tour as it is narrow! Great shots of the event, Marleen!

  7. Wonderful photos! I love all of the colors they are wearing.

  8. It's impossible to skip in the queue.
    I like these photos, Marleen.

  9. Hard to imagine them speeding over cobbles.
    Really nice photos!


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