14 juni 2018

Veluwezoom observation tower

Until 1978 an observation tower was used to watch out for fires in the forests and heathland of the Veluwezoom NP, something that was then taken over by small airplanes. But instead of taking the tower down when it was out of use, it was decided to restore the structure and leave it as a landmark.

The height of the tower is 34 metres. Visitors are allowed to climb until the first platform.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. daarvoor kan deze mast zeker gebruikt worden Marleen

    zelf zou ik er wel niet opkruipen

    knappe compo in de eerste foto


  2. That's quite something to climb!

    There's an old fire tower in our cottage country that ended up turned into a place where visitors can climb as an observation tower.

  3. Oh Marleen, what a landmark and what a perspective you have on it in the first image. Greetings. Jo

  4. That would be quite a job to sit up there and watch out for fires. Not on a windy day like today though!

  5. Marleen, wat heb je deze toren fraai gefotografeerd. Ik gaat daar geen poging doen om naar boven te klimmen Brr!
    Groet Kees.

  6. Some of our national forest towers are left to be used as platforms to climb. But I'm with Tom. Let someone else do the climbing! :)

  7. Doet me denken aan sommige foto's gemaakt door fotografen vlak na de russische revolutie.


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